Our Accomplishments


  • Increased total number of sponsored beneficiaries by 20%, to 680
  • Welcomed Honduras as our eleventh program country
  • Added six (6) new partners - three (3) in the Philippines, and three (3) in India, for a total of 41 program partners
  • Awarded 2010 Sponsor of the Year to Diane Horbacz
  • Funded summer camp in Vijayawada, India
  • Partially funded hemophilia camp in the Dominican Republic
  • Funded summer infusion camps in Manila, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao, Philippines
  • Funded summer camp in Vijayawada, India
  • Partially funded hemophilia camp in the Dominican Republic
  • Traveled to
    • Kenya to assist in enrollment of first Save One Life beneficiaries
    • Haiti, to assess feasibility of opening our sponsorship program in Cap Haitien
    • China, to asses feasibility of opening our sponsorship program in Shanghai
    • Egypt, to visit beneficiary Tamer Hanna
    • India, to visit and assess the performance of nine program partners
  • Welcomed Patricia Sico as sponsorship manager
  • Welcomed Thomas L. Moran to the board of directors
  • Increased funding for core services by 22%


  • March: Gained our first platinum corporate donor ($40,000 and above)
  • April: Visited Kenya and established a partnership with the Jose Memorial Hemophilia Society
  • April: Visited the Haemophilia Society of Tanzania to build capacity
  • June: Donated funds to hemophilia camps in the Dominican Republic and Romania
  • September: Established the India Outreach Program: engaged a program coordinator and sponsorship assistant based in India
  • October: Welcomed Hemophilia Society - Kunnamkulam, Kerala, India and Blood Brothers Aid, Pasay City, Philippines as our 31st and 32nd program partners
  • November: Initiated our first annual appeal, raising over $8,000
  • December: Closed the year with 560 sponsored beneficiaries


  • February 2: Save One Life interview on 104.9 FM, WBOQ
  • April: Funded $4,000 to Camp "Yo sí Puedo!" (Yes, I Can!), the hemophilia camp of FAHEM, in the Dominican Republic.
  • April: Visit to the Dominican Republic
  • June: Provided digital cameras to 16 country partners in India
  • September: Recognized by the Texas Central Hemophilia Association, donation of $1,000 given
  • October: Achieved 350 sponsored beneficiaries
  • October: Visit to the Philippines, to six cities, to see beneficiaries, transfer administration to new country partners
  • October: Recognized and awarded at the Breakthrough Ball by the Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation, New York City
  • November: Our first press release, regarding the Breakthrough Ball


  • April: Visit to India to meet with country partners and beneficiaries.
  • April: Visit to Pakistan, to meet beneficiaries in two cities and to inaugurate Karachi
  • June: Visit to Romania, to attend Camp Ray of Hope and to see beneficiaries
  • November: Raised $10,000 at annual fundraiser
  • December: Visit to Zimbabwe, to inaugurate Save One Life
  • Save One Life promoted in The Concentrate, Dateline Federation, and Humsafar, the magazine of Pakistan International Airlines.
  • Welcomed three new board members
  • Added three new corporate partners


  • January: Visit to India to meet with country partners and attend camp
  • April: Visit to Belize, to see beneficiaries and meet with country partner
  • May: Visit to Nepal to improve communications with country partners
  • November: Presented Save One Life at the TMB Rotary Club
  • Increased sponsorship by 75%