Chris Bombardier's Denali Quest: Summer of 2014

"Success! Chris summits Denali at 20,237 feet, on Sunday, July 6.

First person with hemophilia to climb the highest peak in North America

View from Denali

View from the summit of Mt. McKinley (Denali)

Chris Bombardier

Chris at the summit of Mt. Elbrus, Russia, the highest peak in Europe (Summer 2013)

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Chris And His Seven Summits Quest

Chris Bombardier, 28, is a Save One Life board member who has his sights set on the fourth mountain in his endeavor to be the first person with hemophilia to climb the highest peak on each continent: Mt. McKinley! Having now successfully scaled three peaks-Mt. Kilimanjaro (Kenya) in 2011 and Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) and Mt. Elbrus (Russia) in 2013, he looks forward to tackling the more technical climb up Mt. McKinley, also known as "Denali," from June 23 to July 13, 2014.

Chris B
Chris on the summit of Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, holding a picture of Brian from Zimbabwe (Winter 2013)

To date, Chris has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (Kenya), Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) and Mt. Elbrus (Russia).

Chris was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B at birth. He recognizes that life as a person with hemophilia is definitely not easy, but he also realizes how fortunate he is to live in a country where treatment is readily available. Thankful for his health, Chris uses his advantages to help raise awareness for hemophilia and money for Save One Life.

Chris became interested in Save One Life after attending a talk given by its founder, Laurie Kelley. "Laurie's talk opened my eyes to how others live with this disorder and mainly how lucky I am," he observes. Now, after visiting and working with people with bleeding disorders in developing countries, Chris has personally witnessed the great difficulties of living with hemophilia in these places. "My time with the hemophilia community in Kenya made me realize how important Save One Life sponsorships and scholarships are to people. I want to help Save One Life continue their amazing programs and hopefully expand to other parts of the world."

Chris started climbing after graduating from college and moving to Colorado. He "fell in love" with the sport, noting that climbing mostly requires "just experience and the will to push yourself and your body farther than most people will go."

He makes it sound simple, but he has encountered challenges on his climbs. Thus far, Mt. Aconcagua has been the most physically draining climb: he remembers having to overcome such an extreme level of exhaustion. "Final ascents can often take over eight hours, and the altitude of Aconcagua made the climb all the more difficult," he notes. "I felt like I could sleep for days and days!" Chris also thought that infusing while climbing would be challenging, but thankfully that has proven not to be an issue. Although climbing Aconcagua was the most difficult, it is also his favorite to date. "Having to work harder to climb the mountain makes reaching the summit more gratifying!"

As stated above, Chris climbs not only to challenge himself, but to benefit other people with hemophilia around the world. Chris declares, "I, of course, look forward to standing on the summits of these incredible mountains and feeling that sense of accomplishment and pride in doing it with hemophilia. More importantly, I look forward to spreading the word about hemophilia, opening people's eyes to the massive disparity in care that exists in the world and introducing them to Save One Life. I am also excited to show young people with hemophilia what's possible. Our world is an amazing place, and I don't want people with hemophilia thinking they have to live in a bubble. I want them to get out and experience life to the fullest!"

Reliance Factor of America has partnered with Save One Life to fundraise for the "Denali Quest." We are delighted that ASD Healthcare has already committed a Gold sponsorship and BDI Pharma to a Friend sponsorship, and invite you to join!