Chris Bombardier takes on Mount Everest!

Mt Everest 2017



Save One Life board member and mountaineer Chris Bombardier of Denver, Colorado is taking on Mount Everest. He left Base Camp May 17 and hopes to summit on May 22!

Chris has set a fundraising goal that equals the height of Everest: 8,850 meters, to fund income-generating activities for hemophilia families in Nepal.

Let's get to the top! Thank you for your support!


Chris Bombardier infusing at 17,500ft on Mt. Aconcagua in 2013.

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Goal: $13,000
Raised: $11761.50



This climb has been generously sponsored by Octapharma.

Octapharma: Mt Everest 2017

Adam Tyler's 2 for 1 Sponsorship

Last month Adam Tyler launched a campaign to get all 32 children on our website sponsored in honor of Chris Bombadier's Mount Everest climb. For every two sponsorships, Adam committed to sponsor one.

On May 12 Adam's campaign met success and the Save One Life website hit ZERO children! All 32 were sponsored by others, exceeding our expectations! Adam will take our next eleven, for a total of 43 children sponsored! What a great success!

Thank you so very much, Adam and everyone who participated! We hope you will enjoy learning about and supporting your deserving beneficiaries. What wonderful news to boost Chris Bombardier's morale!

Adam is a person with hemophilia, a father of three, and recently accepted the post of senior national account executive, hemophilia lead, for Genentech. Congratulations, Adam!

Adam Tyler

A Message from Chris


For the past six years I have been on a quest to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and become the first person with hemophilia (severe B, in my case) to achieve the Seven Summits. I have completed five thus far, and in April I will attempt to climb the highest, Mt. Everest!

I have partnered with Patrick James Lynch, another person with hemophilia, and his film production company, Believe Ltd., to document this monumental climb. Our goal is not only to capture the climb, but also to bring awareness to the bleeding disorder community globally, especially the community in Nepal.


Save One Life has served people with hemophilia in Nepal for many years--including helping the community rebuild after the devastating earthquake in 2015. Laurie Kelley, founder of Save One Life, is still the only international person to visit the Nepal Hemophilia Society and families since the quake to survey the damage and distribute funds to help rebuild. Hemophilia families still need help in their recovery from this disaster. Laurie and Patrick join me in inviting you to support them. All of your donations will go directly to the Nepal Hemophilia Society to assist families.

The Everest Team thanks our sponsor, Octapharma, for underwriting this ambitious project. Octapharma has been a important supporter of Save One Life over many years, and we appreciate their dedication to making a difference for the hemophilia community world wide. In recognition of this, $30,000 of Octapharma's sponsorship has been donated to Save One Life. A portion of these funds will also be used to help repair and rebuild homes in Nepal.

Thank you so much for your support! Please follow Adventures of a Hemophiliac on Facebook for updates on this project.

Chris Bombardier