Save One Life Scholarship Fund

Save One LIfe has helped nearly 125 students in eleven of program countries with their higher educations--from commercial vehicle driving certificates to Ph.D's in history. Though many are still in school, we are proud that 35% of them have successfully graduated!

Scholarship amounts generally range from $500 to $700 per academic year. We have awarded up to $1,000 (for a student to pursue his nursing degree, for example) and as little as $100 (for a student to pursue a course in computer applications. He is now employed, earning $150 a month!)

Thank you for your interest in helping young people build their future!

Scholarship Fund

Ionut Robert Iova thanking Save One Life for his scholarship of $1,000 to pursue his dream of becoming a history professor


Ph Scholarship receipients

Save One Life's scholarship students in Cebu, Philippines
From right to left:

  • Jurich Sungcad (electrical engineering) Note: Jurich just graduated in October 2015!
  • Cleemar Dahunan (accounting)
  • Christopher Arcilla (marine transportation)
  • Ryan Paul Durano (computer programming)
  • Alimar Juntilla (office administration)
  • John Libert Quillan (information technology)