Save One Life Introduces its Vocational Scholarship Program

Vocational Scholarship Program:

In 2011 the board of directors of Save One Life approved the launch of a scholarship program for young people with bleeding disorders and financial need between the ages of 18 and 25, who are registered with a Save One Life program partner and wish to pursue a vocationally-focused certification or post-secondary degree.
The aim of the program is to help graduates become employed and financially self-sufficient--allowing them to better address their health needs, support their families, and participate more successfully as leaders in their hemophilia communities.

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Meet our First Scholarship Awardee!

John Wambua Mueni

John is a 29 year old from Machakos, Kenya, about 64 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. John has severe hemophilia A. His left leg is disabled due to bleeds. Despite this, John participates in races for physically challenged persons and recently won a silver medal at a 10,000 meter event.

John is the only member of his family who speaks English.

John lives with his 48-year-old mother who suffers from epilepsy; his 28-year-old brother, also with hemophilia A; and his 83-year-old grandmother who cares for the family. John's brother is a mason, earning approximately $30/month.

John is the only person in his family who speaks English. His scholarship from Save One Life is allowing him to pay tuition and housing to pursue a degree in interior design in Nairobi.We wish him much success!


John Wambua Mueni

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Scholarships through IDEEA

Eight Scholarships Awarded in Manipal, India through IDEEA

The Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation awarded a three-year grant to our program partner, Dr. Annamma Kurien in Manipal, Karnataka, India for the project "Identification, Diagnosis, Education and Empowerment for Action of People with Bleeding Disorders in South India" (IDEEA) in 2011. Save One Life, a sub-grantee, is responsible for the management of the scholarship component of the grant.

This August 28, our program outreach coordinator, Usha Parthasarathy, joined Dr. Kurien to distribute the first scholarships to seven young men and one young woman pursuing courses including business, computer programming and nursing. Congratulations and good luck to: Arun George, Vaishak, Binu Monu and Fathma Sunaina of Manipal; Vipin Babu of Kunnamkulam; Azeez of Calicut; Srinivas of Bangalore and Mohammud Thayyib of Kannur.

Photo 1: Mohammud receiving his awared from Dr. Nalinia and Usha Parthasarathy


Photos 2: The first group of scholarship recipients of IDEEA

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