Wheels for the World 2017 - Call of the Wild

Barry riding again for Save One Life               Click on the image for a larger map.

Barry has concluded his ride! And what a ride the Call of the Wild has been!

Cyclist Barry Haarde's 2017 Wheels for the World was the most challenging yet...starting in British Columbia and riding through wilderness with all types of weather and road conditions to get to Alaska, where he toured this remarkable state to reach his new goal of 1,000 miles.

Why not his original goal of 2,000 miles? Because at the 500-mile mark he collided with another cyclist (who ended up going home with a broken pelvis) and Barry has shown his true grit through bumps, bruises, a very sore back and lots of factor infusions to stay the course. Given his accident, 1,000 miles was a major achievement!

Since 2012 Barry has ridden over 20,000 miles to raise funds to help Save One Life assist children and youth with bleeding disorders around the world. His goal this year: $35,000.

We would like to thank Bioverative, Amerisource Bergen Foundation, The Alliance Pharmacy, Aptevo, George King Bio-Medical, Matrix Health Group, and New England Hemophilia Association for sponsoring Wheels for the World 2017...and to every donor who cheered Barry on with a gift to Save One Life!

Please show Barry we get what true grit is all about. Please donate so we can keep him smiling!

Mukesh--Barrys beneficiary
Mukesh: Barry's beneficiary

Each dollar raised helps us reach out to more deserving people with hemophilia, like Barry's own beneficiary, 20-year-old Mukesh from India. We assist with sponsorships, scholarships and micro-enterprise grants. Save One Life is the only organization in the world that serves the international hemophilia community in this way!

Goal: $35,000
Pledged: $35,180

Mt Everest Goal Reached


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