Guadalupe Hayes-Mota

Guadalupe is a healthcare leader with over 10 years of transforming regional and global operations in pharmaceuticals, biotech, hospitals, and policy. Currently, Guadalupe is the director of global supply chain and manufacturing at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical in Cambridge, Massachusetts, responsible for worldwide production and distribution of all its gene therapy products. Guadalupe previously held leadership positions at Biogen, Amgen, and GlaxoSmithKline, and was director of regional operations of 12 free healthcare clinics at UCLA Health. Guadalupe also served as a senior analyst at the RAND Corporation, working with Congress in drafting the Affordable Care Act.

Guadalupe has a BS in Chemistry, BS in Spanish Literature, MS in Biological Engineering and an MBA from MIT, and holds a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. Guadalupe has hemophilia A and grew up in Mexico with little access to treatment. His conviction that no patient should be without the medical care and services has been the driving force in his career.