Owen Njoroge

Owen understands the pain and frustration of not having hemophilia treatment.  He was born in Kenya, and has severe hemophilia A. In 1999, his older brother, then 3, who had hemophilia, died of an untreated bleed. When Owen was 2, he was hospitalized with a bleed, and received a donation of factor from Project SHARE. Owen now resides in Worcester, Massachusetts and attends Worcester State University, majoring in physical therapy. With his knowledge about target joints, he aspires to help hemophilic patients improve and maintain their joint range of motion.

Since his early childhood, Owen has wanted to help others. He was chairperson in his high school music club and led them to the national levels. Owen has experience in administrative and clerical tasks, and has excellent skills in decision making. He currently works with people with disabilities at Seven Hills Foundation, where he assists in living activities, gait training and nurturing day-to-day relationships. His interests include volunteer work, exercise, reading and traveling.