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Help William Raise Funds for Save One Life!

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*Update - William is home in Maine safe and sound for the winter! To-date he has raised almost $27,000.
William's original goal was $2,200. He quickly surpassed that and his other goals of $4,400, $11,000, and then $22,000!


The Background: William Addison is a young, outdoor enthusiast. He's a Boy Scout and soon to be an Eagle Scout who also happens to have severe hemophilia A. William and his family live in the greater Portland, Maine area. He hiked the SouthBound (SOBO) route of the Appalachian Trail.

Learn more about William, his adventure and why he choose to raise money for Save One Life below!

Why I’m hiking

    I’m hiking to raise donations for a great cause—Save One Life. I got the inspiration to hike the Appalachian Trail from the Boy Scouts. In 2016, I went on my first High Adventure backpacking trip with my Troop which consisted of an 8-day, 70-mile hiking trip. I didn’t particularly like backpacking at the time because it was really hard but I continued to go on the trips and after completing 4 trips over 4 summers (hiking almost all of the Appalachian Trail in Maine), I found it was something I really looked forward to and enjoyed. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a dream I cannot wait to begin!

Why I chose Save One Life

    I have severe hemophilia. I have access to factor medication while most people with hemophilia in developing countries do not. As a result, many people die prematurely from their bleeding disorder. I am living a normal life (with factor prophylaxis). My adventure is a great opportunity to bring attention to the needs in developing countries, and to ask you to contribute to Save One Life. Save One Life provides financial assistance through various programs to patients with bleeding disorders in developing countries. My goal is to raise $2200 -- approximately the length in miles of the Appalachian Trail.

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