Myles Ganley

Help Myles raise $10,000 for Save One Life!

Myles Ganley is a 24-year-old with severe hemophilia B. He has been a community regular since his first camp at age 7. Since then, he has attended over 25 summer camp across the country. At age 12, he suffered third-degree burns over a large portion of his body, which only added to a positive and thrilling outlook on life. Myles was previously a program facilitator with GutMonkey, programming and facilitating summer camp activities. Currently he is a public speaker, delivering pain management, fitness, and nutrition programs to families affected with a bleeding disorder. Myles has a passion for encouraging positivity and adventure. He is an avid rock climber, hiker, snowboarder, golfer, overall outdoorsy guy, and looks for any opportunity to share adventure with others. Kilimanjaro will be his first out of the country mountain and expedition, as well as his first opportunity to support the global bleeding disorder community.