Dec 23, 2017

Larry and Becky Stern are Save One Life's 2017 Sponsors of the Year.

Lawrence (Larry) Stern and his wife Rebecca (Becky) were named 2017 Sponsors of the Year to  recognize their financial support of 55 children with hemophilia since 2010.

Larry is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Talecris Biotherapeutics. In 2010, Larry was recognized as the national winner of Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year® in the Health Sciences category for his leadership in acquiring, transforming and then developing a global leader in plasma-derived protein therapeutics. In 2011, Talecris was acquired by Grifols, another leading international protein therapeutics company.

Larry and Becky are now focused on giving back to the community and charitable organizations. Larry has served on a wide range of non-profit boards including the national COPD Foundation and the Pittsburgh Jewish Association on Aging. Becky has served on local school boards and community foundations while also forming a non-profit that brings the joy of dance to people with special needs (Yes, You Can Dance!). Together they formed the Lawrence and Rebecca Stern Family Foundation in 2010. Their mission is to support organizations that demonstrate and/or translate best practices in a wide range of health care and well-being--such as evolving personalized medicine, reducing hospital re-admissions, promoting palliative care and demonstrating the benefits of dance on physical and mental well-being.

In choosing to support Save One Life amongst so many deserving organizations, Becky said: “It is refreshing to see a dedicated group of people doing the right things for the right reasons, simply, efficiently and effectively.” Larry went on to say: “Save One Life is a best-in-class model that should be benchmarked and emulated by other patient-centered organizations supporting those in need across global borders.”

The Stern Family Foundation’s support for Save One Life has enabled more than 55 children in India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic to receive direct financial assistance due to hemophilia, a hereditary blood-clotting disorder. Most beneficiaries spend their sponsorship funds on basic needs, educational fees and public transportation to hospitals for the treatment of severe bleeds.