Feb 5, 2019

Project SHARE Joins Save One Life

Save One Life is excited to announce that Project SHARE, a factor donation program established by Laurie Kelley in 2002 and operated by LA Kelley Communications, is now a program of Save One Life!


Project SHARE is a humanitarian program that donates blood-clotting medicine called factor to patients and clinics in developing countries. Since 2002, SHARE has donated more than 140 million IU — approximately $140 million worth — of factor to thousands of patients in 77 developing countries! It has saved lives and enabled people with bleeding disorders to attend school, have operations and work again.


SHARE’s mission fits perfectly with the humanitarian work at Save One Life, so that we can bring even more care to our community in need overseas. Do you have unused or unwanted factor? Go to https://saveonelifet/how-you-can-help/project-share