Cindy Komar


Having a son with hemophilia herself, Cindy is passionate about making a positive difference for those living with chronic bleeding disorders.

Cindy was responsible for the vision, leadership, advocacy and strategic direction of the Arizona Hemophilia Association (AHA) for 15 years. She first joined the board of directors where she served as Vice-President and President before becoming the Executive Director and ultimately the CEO. Cindy wrote the business plans and founded the Arizona Bleeding Disorders Health and Wellness Center (ABDC), My Neighborhood Primary Care (MNPC), AVASA RX, and Get Infused Infusion Suite. All provide a perpetual revenue stream that is reinvested back into AHA to fund the programs and services at AHA. During her tenure, AHA tripled the revenue and quadrupled the staff and the programs that the AHA provides to the Arizona community.

Cindy came up with the concept, wrote the grants and established the NOW (National Outreach for von Willebrand’s Disease) Conference and Fundfusion (National Fundraising Conference for Hemophilia chapters). She expanded programming, increased funding, and served as the chair for NACCHO (North American Camping Conferences for Hemophilia Organizations) the past 12 years. Cindy has been progressive and innovative in developing new funding sources and opportunities. She has received grants from BHHS Legacy Foundation and Thunderbird Charities to develop AVASA RX, a pharmacy that provides the medications for those with chronic bleeding disorders and other infusion therapies.

Cindy attended graduate school at Thunderbird International School of Management where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Business and International Management. Prior to joining AHA, she worked for 18 years in business development, sales, and insurance. She loves serving nonprofit organizations where each day she can help make a difference in the lives of others. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and her husband.