Why Mont Blanc?

Climbing Mont Blanc is an exciting undertaking. This iconic mountain peak located in the Alps is achievable for the
novice mountaineer and also revered by the most experienced climbers in the world.

Save One Life executive director and the first person with hemophilia to scale the Seven Summits, Chris Bombardier, will climb Mont Blanc to build awareness and raise funds to tackle the inequity in healthcare around the world.

We invite you to climb with Save One Life to raise awareness and funds for our mission. The climb will take place  July 12 - July 18 and each climber is required to fundraise $6,000 for Save One Life. These funds allow us to coordinate these amazing opportunities and, more importantly, ensure that we can support patients in the 15 developing countries where we currently work.

We look forward to this amazing adventure to help improve the lives of the bleeding disorder community around the world. 

Meet our Climbers


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Laurent Esman
In Memory of Laurent
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Special Announcement


Chris will be climbing Mont Blanc an additional time, and joining him will be eight climbers with hemophilia from varying European countries. Sponsored by Sobi, the climb will be filmed for a short  documentary that will be used to spread awareness of Save One Life's mission and highlight the climbers' stories, including the difficulties they have overcome throughout their lives.  Learn more about this exciting project and the climbers taking part.