About Me
My name is Ahmed and I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
October 24, 2007.
I live in Pakistan.
Program Partner Organization Name
Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society - Lahore (PKLH)
Age Range
11 to 15
Hemophilia A - Factor VIII

My Story

Ahmed is 10 years old. He is in the 3rd grade at the local primary school. The school is one and a half miles from his house. On days he is unable to walk to school, Ahmed gets a ride on a motor bike. Ahmed enjoys going to school and learning with all of his friends. He is bright and is doing very well with his studies. Science has been Ahmed’s favorite subject this year. Ahmed thinks that he would like to work as a bank officer when he is older. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys watching television.

Ahmed has severe factor VIII deficiency. Thankfully, other than the minor bleeds and bruises common to children with hemophilia, Ahmed has not experienced any severe bleeds in the last year. He has been receiving physiotherapy as a preventative measure to help keep his joints in good condition. The nearest hospital is just over three miles from his house. He travels to the hospital by motor bike when he receives medical care.

Ahmed lives with his father, mother, and older sister. His father, Aziz, works as a tailor. His monthly income is $160, which is often not enough to meet all the needs of their family. Ahmed’s mother, Rizwana, is a homemaker. She helps to care for Ahmed’s medical needs. Ahmed’s sister, Hamna, is 11 years old and she is a student. The family speaks their regional language of Punjabi in the home. No one in the family is able to read or write in English.

The Aziz family rents a small, one room, house in the city of Lahore. Their rent is $80 a month, which is half of their income, leaving little money for food and medical expenses. Their home is in good condition and has electricity, running water, an indoor toilet, and a refrigerator. The family prepares their meals inside on a countertop burner.