Dhiraj Pasman

About Me
My name is Dhiraj and I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 6, 2001.
I live in Nepal.
Program Partner Organization Name
Nepal Hemophilia Society (NP)
Age Range
16 to 20
Hemophilia A - Factor VIII
Monthly Family Income Range

My Story



My name is Dhiraj. I am 18 years old. I live in the Nepal and I have severe hemophilia A. I am  in 9th grade at school. I have missed about three weeks of school in the past six months due to bleeds. These absences have made it difficult to do well in school, but I am working hard and I am making excellent progress.


I like to study languages. My favorite subjects are English and Nepali. I want to be a teacher when I finish school.


When I am not in school I enjoy playing games. But, I also help my parents to care for our home. This past year I visited temples in our local area with my family.


In the past six months I have had to travel to the hospital many times, for bleeds in my shoulder, thigh, knee, and ankle. The hospital is about 60 kilometers from my home. We take a bus to get there and it costs about $1.00. I need physiotherapy, but it is costly and not available near my home.


I live with my family in a small village. Our monthly income is $250. We own our house; it is made of wood and mud. We cook over a charcoal fire in our kitchen. We do not have a refrigerator. Water and toilet facilities are located in a courtyard outside our house.