Viral Sabariya

About Me
My name is Viral and I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
October 18, 2007.
I live in India.
Program Partner Organization Name
Hemophilia Society - Rajkot Chapter (INRJ)
Age Range
11 to 15
Hemophilia A - Factor VIII
Monthly Family Income Range

My Story




My name is Viral, and I am 11 years old. I am in the 4th grade. I am a good student. I love to draw and play. I would like to be an artist when I grow up. 


I have hemophilia A. A recent bleed in my shoulder required a trip to the hospital for treatment. The hospital is a 70-kilometer bus ride from my home. It costs $2.


My local hemophilia chapter has been a great resource to me. I am an active member, attending physical therapy, homeopathy and other camps through the chapter.



My family.



I live at home with my parents, grandfather, brother and sister. We live in a house in outside of Rajkot, India. The house is made of bricks. Running water and toilet facilities are outside the house. My is a farmer and makes just over $100/month.


My home.

My previous sponsor discontinued participation in the program. I am currently looking for a new sponsor.